UN Food Systems ‘Best Small Business Award’ goes to northern project by MA’S Kitchen

UN Food Systems ‘Best Small Business Award’ goes to northern project by MA’S Kitchen

UN Food Systems ‘Best Small Business Award’ goes to northern project by MA’S Kitchen


North Lanka Family Foods Ltd., a community investment in Pali, in Northern Sri Lanka by MA’S Tropical Food Processing Ltd., has received the UN Food Systems Summit Best Small Business award.

The worldwide award is given to small businesses that have positively impacted the global food systems and showcase innovative ways to sustainably deliver good food and livelihoods for all. North Lanka Family Foods is the only Sri Lankan company to receive the award this year. 

At the end of the internal conflict, MA’s actively searched for areas in the northern districts for an opportunity to invest and advance the country’s initiatives in peace and reconciliation. North Lanka Family Foods was initially set up in the area when taking over a shutdown micro-dairy in Kilinochchi in 2013, over the next seven years and with a larger investment, the company now has a multifunctional food and beverage plant in Iyakachchi, near Elephant Pass.

Marketing under the brand ‘New Beginnings,’ the company focuses on products that showcase the primary resources directly grown in the surrounding area. New Beginnings peanut butter is made with locally harvested peanuts and sold across Sri Lanka, and is now moving into the export market. The company also produces cheese, butterfat, and quality roasted sesame oil, all using local produce. 

“MA’S Kitchen is proud that our work with small farmers and the community has been recognised on this global platform. Focusing on value-added production, using locally grown Sri Lankan produce, allows us to ensure value to be channelled back into the region and contribute to rebuilding the conflict disrupted value chains and sustainably strengthening them,” stated MA’s Kitchen CEO Maliek De Alwis. 

“The post-pandemic era is a good time for the country to support and grow local small businesses to ensure that the country can prosper, we should be proud of locally manufactured and responsibly sourced products which are reducing the need for imports. As citizens, we need to be more deeply involved in national efforts and this is our way of contributing to the effort of peace and reconciliation of our communities,” explained Ma’s Kitchen Chief Compliance Officer Sheran De Alwis.

Best Small Business: Good Food for all competition is part of the UN’s Food Systems summit which is held to launch bold new actions to transform the way the world produces and consumes food, delivering progress on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The award evaluated the business’ actions in access to safe nutritious food for all, shifting to sustainable consumption patterns, boosting nature positive production, advancing equitable livelihoods and building resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks and stress.

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