Sunil ThenabaduIrudini Umali Thilakarathne has been born with innate acting skills without any hereditary affiliations could be termed a performer by birth. Unlike the counterparts in overseas countries unfortunately in Sri Lanka there are no schools to learn acting.There are some essential aptitudes of any actor or actress should have, the charisma to be delightful, appealing and enchanting to the viewers. She is able to portray the parts of real life to send positive vibes that are dramatic and emotional that helped her to portray her roles flawlessly.. 

Umali was born on 16th March 1987is a Sri Lankan actress,dancer, lyricist and vocalist. She had portrayed roles in films, teledrama and on stage. she had added she had taken part on stage in legendary Musician Dr Premasiri Khemadasa’s opera dramas only She has had her early education at President’s College Rajagiriya thereafter she had spent her rest of the education at Musaeus College Colombo 07.She had quipped that during her tenure at Musaeus College about four days of the week she had stayed after school for extracurricular activities predominantly to learn dancing and to play netball which were her passions. She had been accustomed to spend all seven days in school when an inter school sports meet was approaching.During her school days she had been indulged in learning Japanese language too. 

Umali had confessed that her desire was to become a psychologist for which she has had a huge enthusiasm.After leaving school she had taken wing to India to follow courses to become a psychologist. But her tenure in learning psychology had had ended abruptly as she had to return to Sri Lanka for film shooting for which she had signed agreements. 

Umali had got an opportunity to travel to Japan to pursue higher education after she curtailment of education in India.While continuing her studies in the Ninon university in Tokyo she had successfully faced an audition for an actress to perform a main role in the film “Final Judgement” portraying the role of a girl named “Lin”. Umali Tillakaratne thus had become the first Sri Lankan actress to star in a major role of a world-renowned Japanese film 

However through her innate aptitudes in acting she had made her debut film at the tender age of fourteen years to portray a role in Udayakantha Warnasuriya’s film “Rosa Vasanthey” and Lalith Ratnayake’s “Arungal”. With this involvements and also exposures in a few Teledrama combined with her innate aptitudes she had navigated over the auditions triumphantly to portray the role of  a girl “Lin” in,  ‘Final Judgement” film.The theme of the film was based on the Lord Buddha preaching  “Vairayen Vairaya Nosanside”  also has had a story about the history and politics in Japan. the Umali was selected along with Japanese stars like Kota Miura, Ken Kaito, Jo Shishido, Shiro Namiki and Ryo Tamura. The film was directed by Japanese director Masaki Hamamoto and produced by a religious group called Happy Science. 

Umali had uttered that in Japanese film industry the authorities prepare one script for one actor or actress.She was not comparing the work of the Japanese with that of the Sri Lankans. She had quipped that they are well pre prepared.The artistes were not burdened to care about the costumes and make ups.Those who portray roles have to come and get the individual scripts, one script for a shoot then and there need to portray the respective roles if necessary could have a rehearsal. The film had been screened around one hundred and twenty film halls in Japan simultaneously  at the same time. Also, the film had been shown in many overseas countries including Sri Lanka in Liberty cinema Colombo and Jaffna with related sub titles.    

During the tenure of Umali in the Ninon University Umali had shuttled to Sri Lanka to portray roles in more films and teledramas as her cinematic aptitude was well understood by our producers and directors.
On her return she was awarded the best actress in 2017 for her role in “Bohimiyanuwa” in both Sumathi Tele Awards and Raigam Tele Awards. In addition to working in Sri Lanka, she as an established and recognized actress in Japan, frequently contributing to Japanese production in both theatre and film, 

Umali had tied the nuptial knot with actor Saranga Disasekera in year 2014 by owing to reasons unknown to the writer the relationship had ended in a divorce in year 2018.During a television interview Umali had quipped that everything in this world is subject to change may be instantly like the changes that occur in human interior. She had quipped for a marriage to prevail there should be cooperation, trust and what some gives is important .She had confessed that there is room for anyone in her heart for an ideal candidate with such qualities..When asked who is her most followed person she said obviously “Lord Buddha.She has no best actor, actress or male singer but her favourite female singer is Indika Upamali.Her favourite overseas female singer is Whitney Houston. 

From year 2001 Umali had not acted in an enormous amount of films and teledramas as she had intermittently called to perform portraying roles in films and theatre in Japan. However she had participated in a number of films from year 2001 to date, Namely: -2001 “Rosa Vasanthe”, 2003 “Mother Theresa of Culcutta” English, 2007 “Asai Man Piyabanna”,2012 “Final Judgement” .Japanese, 2015 “Maha Raja Gemunu”,2015 “Equals” English, 2017 “Nino Live”,2017 “Heena Hoyana Samanallu”,2017 “ A Level”,2020 “ Rookada Panchi”, TBD “ Thanapathilage Gedera”. The teledramas were a fewer number.Namely 2016 Bohimyanuwa” ,2021 “ Sakarma”, 2021 “Mahapolowa”,2022 “Pithuru  currently over the air waves. 

Umali Had portrayed main roles in three short films recently.In 2021 “Moment”, 2021” Alice”, 2022 Miss You”. 

Apart from her prowess in acting arena she is an accomplished vocalist.She has so many cover songs recorded to precision..She had already done cover songs for many popular songs of versatile female vocalists for songs like “Sudu Eth Powwek”.Also she had impressed in many television chat shows when invited by singing mostly classical songs like “Pithu Senehasa Pidu”,”Pipini Male Ruwa” etc.She performed admirably when invited to sing in TV Derana “Ma Novena mama” where each invitee has to sing many songs during the program presented by Kelum Srimal.

 Umali has been observed to possess innate aptitudes in abundance.She is a more or less self-made actress  who is very intelligent which is proved in volumes when she speaks whether in an television interview or speaking when she is questioned after winning awards. All her many fans would wish her the very best for her future as she is still young. 

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