Tradition meets luxury at Occidental Eden’s Christmas Cake Mixing

Tradition meets luxury at Occidental Eden’s Christmas Cake Mixing

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In a harmonious fusion of time-honoured tradition and opulent luxury, Occidental Hotels Sri Lanka achieved a historic milestone at the esteemed Occidental Eden Beruwala, hosting their inaugural Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony on the 01st of November 2023.

The event unfolded within the sumptuous confines of the all-day dining restaurant, ‘Garden of Eden.’ At the heart of this enchanting event, Occidental Eden Beruwala proudly featured its team of talented chefs, led by their Executive Chef, whose culinary expertise knows no bounds. With their artistry and dedication, they ensured that the tradition was not just preserved but elevated to new heights.

The event witnessed the harmonious fusion of aromatic spices, succulent fruits, and premium spirits, uniting all guests to an extraordinary affair. The gentle touch of the golden mile in Beruwala, added an extra layer of enchantment, elevating the Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony into a sensory delight that excelled the culinary boundaries.

Among an exclusive gathering of esteemed in-house guests, international dignitaries, key figures from the travel industry, staff members, loyal patrons, and well-wishers, this event transformed into an exquisite tapestry interwoven with the threads of togetherness, cherished moments, a symphony of laughter, and the eager anticipation of the forthcoming holiday season.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Miguel Mateos, Commercial Director Middle East & APAC, Barceló Hotel Group, expressed his excitement about the occasion. He said, “This grand-scale event not only marks a significant milestone for Occidental Eden Beruwala, but also serves as a demonstration of the resilience of unity, amid diversity, showcasing the strong ties that connect Occidental Hotels Sri Lanka and the prestigious Barceló Hotel Group.

Drawing inspiration from Sri Lanka’s rich art, culture, and captivating landscapes, and the distinctive design elements, Occidental Eden Beruwala provide the perfect backdrop for this time-honored tradition. Much like the artful blending of ingredients in our Christmas cake mix, this event encapsulates the enchantment that arises when the diverse strands of our community unite, each adding their distinct essence to craft something truly extraordinary.”

Occidental Eden Beruwala, the latest jewel in the Barceló Hotel Group portfolio in Sri Lanka, was formerly known as Eden Resort and Spa, Beruwala, owned by Browns Investments and managed by the world-renowned Barceló Hotel Group under their Occidental brand. Following the success of Occidental Paradise Dambulla’s opening in 2019, Occidental Eden Beruwala reinforces the group’s dedication to offering world-class hospitality in this beautiful island nation. As Occidental Eden Beruwala continues to captivate travelers with its harmonious blend of tradition, culture, and contemporary luxury, it emerges as an esteemed destination for all those seeking an unparalleled island escape.

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