“This isn’t going to change the world”, a strange title for one of the simplest, yet prettiest French songs that I have had the pleasure of listening to, in a long time. As everyone who is reading this will know, my “forte’ happens to be extra-special Country Music, involving ONLY “Stories in song”, or musically-exotic pieces, performed by the top-Stars of Country, exclusively. Songs that listeners will want to hear over and over again. However, there is something different, in that, speaking in a “catholic-mode”, I absolutely love GOOD MUSIC of all types. Be they in English or any other language whatsoever, vocal or instrumental, if the tune is what is termed “Catchy”, & the lyrics meaningful. That said,

“Ca va pas changer le monde”, was written by Joseph Ira Dassin, born on the 5th of November, 1938, in Brooklyn, New York City, and unfortunately passed away of a heart attack aged just 41, on the 20th of August, 1980. It might well have been a short span of life, but Joe Dassin was an amazing character. Very well educated, he was fluent in at least 6 languages, became a songwriter & multi-instrumentalist, vocalising & recording songs in English, French, German, Spanish & Greek, was recognized as one of the top Entertainers in Europe, during the 1970s.

Getting back to “Something Different”, finally, I loved this French song enough to feature it on e’Lanka, complete with a vocal rendition by Joe himself, plus, an instrumental version by Waldtuefel 78, whose “cover” is featured on FB.

Please listen to the song folks. This isn’t going to change the World, but will probably bring back some precious memories to you listeners.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.
(Editor -in-Chief) e’Lanka.

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