Anger and its controls for betterment of all – By Nisal Rukshan holds BSc in Counseling Psychology

Anger and its controls for betterment of all – By Nisal Rukshan holds BSc in Counseling Psychology

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“I am awfully greedy; I want everything from life. I want to be a woman and to be a man, to have many friends and to have loneliness, to work much and write good books, to travel and enjoy myself, to be selfish and to be unselfish… You see, it is difficult to get all which I want. And then when I do not succeed I get mad with anger.”  -Simone de Beauvoir-

Anger is an emotional status which we are experiencing daily. This will come with the thoughts feelings and behavior of the human beings. But when it increased or un controllable it would result disasters. Hence its need to know the anger and its controls .This is all about the anger and its management.

What is Anger?

Anger is can identify as a strong feeling, which feels something has gone wrong or somebody has wronged. It is considered a sense of stress, frustration, and irritation. Generally, all feel anger in different situations. It is a natural context to react to frustrating or difficult events.

But anger will become a problem it goes beyond the control.Individuals affectit for daily functioning and behavior in the environment. Especially, at a time of dealing with people. When it’s at its peak consequences of behaviour are far beyond the excepted human behaviour in a society.

What are the characteristics of Anger?

Mainly due to anger, there are two types of changes taking place within individuals including biological and psychological.

The Biological changes can recognize with the changes including, High energy levels, increased blood pressure, high temperature in the body, the tension of the muscles raised, and high activation of hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline.

What we can see outside includes, Elevated voices, high sweating, increased palpitations, moving jaws, bigger eyes, trembling, crying and much more.

What will happen when Anger goes beyond control?

Even though anger is a natural human feeling, when it goes beyond the control own creates physical and mental complications. Those complications include Depression, Anxiety, blood pleasure (High), substance use (abuse),Gastritis and diabetes etc.

How we can recognize high Anger?

Anger includes different faces. But somehow it seems with verbal (shouting), behavioural (hitting/breaking) or physical (sweating/trembling ) interactions at a time or situation.

What are the cases related to Anger?

Anger can take place due to internal or external factors. Further, it may be a physical incident, mental hurtful incident, someone’s agitated reaction, or it may be hurt, pain, threat or any other event an individual start to react with their own.

Causes of Anger

Many causes of anger can be mentioned since it’s different from one to another. The common reasons can be identified as some, Loss of something, Fear for something, Lack of emotional support, Addictions and Failures etc.

Some medical conditions including, depression, Bipolar and ADHD also causing anger within individuals.

Three main types of Anger

Anger can identify into three types according to the behaviour of the individual.

Passive-Aggressive Anger: it may feel angry, resentful, or frustrated, but act neutral, pleasant, or even cheerful. They then find indirect ways to show how they feel.

Assertive Anger: lets the individual take control of their situation and hold the concern that is directly causing anger. This can be identified as the best-controlled way of exhibiting anger that deviations a tense and painful encounter state into a person can go for a solution.

Openly Aggressive Anger: This is the type of anger which includes physical or verbal aggression leading towards injury to own or outsiders. It looks like aggressive, harassment, blackmailing, blaming, yelling, arguing, sarcasm, and criticism.

How to cope with Anger?

Identify your triggers

When we experience our anger then we know what the events it increases are.It may be too much tiredness, noise, bad comments etc. During such events, we can’t keep calm, sweat, and feel uncomfortable or uncontrollable. Knowing of triggers will help anyone to go ahead with a plan to control anger.

Understanding of warning signs

At a time you get angry and it turns uncontrollable it may give several warning signs. Those include high blood pleasure, face heating, heartbeat going high, breathing going rapid, feeling to hit someone or break something etc. It indicates now you are at the junction.

Go Away from triggers

After knowing the triggers it’s best to go away. It will help anyone to manage their feeling and behaviour. For example, if your boss blaming to you for an unreasonable event. Then you feel angry and get heat, you can go away from the venue. Since if you stayed there it will explode in another way.

Do some exercises

Walking morning and evening, running, playing games and hiking create an individual’s physical and mental balanced. The continued effort will reduce the anger with multiple benefits.

Practice Yoga and Mindfulness

Both of these have much effectiveness towards anger control. Mindfulness always considers how to keep the mind in reality with flexibility and reality. Loose of control the anger will reduce as a result of this yoga and mindfulness.

Breathing exercises

Deep breathing, counted breathing and deep muscle relaxation techniques can easily practice by someone who needs to control anger. Those will be highly accurate when practiced with understanding.

If you found someone unable to control his or her anger its high advice to meet professionally qualified mental health care personnel for further assistance.

Try to respect others opinions

Be mindful, stay with the facts, re think prior to react. In a democratic society we have to respect each other’s opinions. Even we can criticize those opinions with constructive ways instead of sarcastic way.

(Nisal Rukshan holds BSc in Counseling Psychology)

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