“A FAMOUS PETERITE” – by Des Kelly

   “A FAMOUS PETERITE” – by Des Kelly

He goes into the record books of my late Alma-Mater, St.Peter’s College, Bambalapitiya, Colombo, as the first Inspector General of Police who studied there. This most interesting brief-biog., was sent out to me by our good friend Keith Bennett, and I am proud to say that Chandra Fernando’s

story clearly shows the calibre of some exceptional students who, in later life, kept the gold, silver, and blue flag flying high, this time as an I.G.P. (top rung of the Police ladder). We, at e’Lanka  do congratulate him, and voice our thanks to Keith Bennett, in the process.

Desmond Kelly

Desmond Kelly.

(Editor-in-Chief) e’Lanka.


Pre-Seventies Peterites

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A Peterite IGP

As we approach the College centenary, I have published write ups and snippets from time to time on different aspects of College and notable personalities connected with College. But I slowed these down to allow one of two of the most important anniversaries to pass. The one that passed was on the 29th of June when College was renamed St. Peter’s and other one to come next year is an anniversary we all await with eager anticipation.

Among three persons I covered before in my write ups were the Peterite Commanders of the Army, Airforce and Navy and now it is time to cover the only Peterite Inspector General of Police, Mr. Chandra Fernando.

Chandra entered College in 1952 and was a student up to 1962, when he left to pursue higher studies. He excelled in sports, namely Hockey and Basketball and readily admits that excellent coaching staff and opportunities to participate in any sport of his choice enabled him to represent College in both sports. Chandra has also been a happy camper with the 40th Colombo Scout troop at St. Peter’s.

Not averse to singing and dancing the ‘Baila’ he had revelled at almost every match, the Big Match in particular.

Having lost his father at a very young age, his mother has been the dominant influence in his upbringing.

Though not planned, his entry to the Police force had enabled him, with dedication to duty, loyalty to the institution and passion for work, to rise through the ranks to become the 29th IGP in 2004. He acknowledges that developing confidence, perseverance, decisiveness, etc. which qualities were ingrained in him while at St. Peters’ helped him in his success as a Police Officer.

Though retired, Chandra now functions as the Chairman of the Police Commission.

We are proud of Chandra as a Peterite and wish this Officer and Gentleman many more years to serve the motherland in whatever capacity he can.

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